Welcome to the 10th INA Conference

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The 10th Conference of the International Nannoplankton Association, Hosted by the University of Lisbon, will take place in
Lisbon, the capital of Portugal.

The conferences of the INA have become major nannoplankton events, a meeting point for nannoplankton scientists from
different nationalities and distinct areas. We would like to invite you to take part in the 2004 Conference of the INA,
which will be held in the Department of Geology of the University of Lisbon from 28th of August to the 4th
of September 2004.

The meeting is being promoted by the Department of Geology of the University of Lisbon and sponsored by the
Geology Centre of the University of Lisbon. The international scientific committee and the local organizing committee will
look after the scientific program and the practical matters that will make this meeting an enjoyable and
memorable event.

In Conclusion

After ending INA10 all the feedback we had so far from the participant delegates led us to conclude it was a very successful conference, fulfilling its main task of gathering every other year a significant portion of the international scientific community that focus their research of the study of the Calcareous nannoplankton and nannofossils.

On behalf of the Organizing Committee of the “INA10, Lisbon 2004” we express our thanks to all of you for helping us accomplish our goals with this event, namely the right balance between a profitable scientific meeting and an enjoyable week in our city capital, Lisbon.

All the planned activities (the pre-conference field trip to the Arrábida chain, the beach games in the Carcavelos beach, the visit to the Sintra castle and gardens, the Discovering Lisbon peddy-paper, the Tagus cruise and the post-conference field trip to the Jurassic of Coimbra) were possible to take place due to your interest and enthusiasm, which made the task of all the colleagues involved in their organization and concretization, much more easy and worthwhile.

Bem hajam ,
Mário Cachão

On-line Galleries

INA 2004 On-line Galleries are available for browsing.


As ever a very wide range of topics was covered in presentations at the INA10 meeting in Lisbon . However, one strong recurrent theme of presentations dealing with the fossil record was attempts to interpret nannofossil assemblage changes in terms of palaeoproductivity. In parallel there were several contributions dealing with the influence of nutrient concentrations and trophic regime on extant nannoplankton. This is also of course an issue of great topical interest.
We have informally proposed this as a topic for a special issue of Marine Micropaleontology stemming from the conference and the suggestion was well-received.

Thematic issue from the INA10 conference proceedings
« Coccolithophore productivity and palaeoproductivity »

The advice from the editors was that they far preferred a focused special issue to a large heterogeneous volume. So, we would like to see if there is enthusiasm for this proposal.
We would be happy to accept papers dealing with both extant and fossil nannoplankton and both case studies and review articles. There should, however, be an explicit focus on the productivity/paleoproductivity - including for example: controls on the production and flux of nannoplankton, use of nannofossils and nannofossil derived geochemical proxies as productivity indicators, long term trends in nannofossil production.

We propose a submission deadline of end April 2005 and the editorial team of  Mário Cachão (Univ. Lisbon), José-Abel Flores (Univ. Salamanca) and Jeremy Young (NHM, London ).
If you are interested in contributing to this volume please contact us by end November with your proposed topic.
We will then submit a detailed proposal to Marine Micropaleontology and assuming things go to plan send out detailed instructions in early January.

Best regards,
Mário Cachão
José-Abel Flores
Jeremy Young

Important Deadlines

April 30, 2004
June 1, 2004
July 16, 2004
July 31, 2004
April, 2005
- Subscription and payment for Conference and Field Trips.
- Abstracts.
- Hotel reservations (see included Hotel Form).
- Third Circular.
- Manuscripts for Proceedings.